Are you worry about your job
opportunities after graduation?

Do you not know if you can stay in Canada? The following article will answer your questions.

4 minimum conditions for a set of autralian study records

Labor market

The labor market in Canada is quite "fertile". You can find jobs in familiar areas such as transportation, banking, tourism or Canada's strong sectors like oil, software engineers, animation, services and information technology.

Job opportunities after graduation

You can work immediately after completing your studies, but you need to apply for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). This license allows you to stay in Canada for up to 3 years (the exact time depends on the time you study here). During your stay, you will have the opportunity to accumulate experience and skills, thereby helping you achieve your goals.

Job source

Job Bank is the main source of employment for the Canadian government. Besides, you can consult some other websites such as Monster, Job Postings, Workopolis, Canadian Jobs and Talent Egg. Here, you can search for jobs, post CVs and consult mentors. You should not ignore traditional channels like newspapers or magazines. In addition, universities will advise you on suitable careers at local or national companies.

4 minimum conditions for a set of autralian study records

If you need more experience to strengthen your CV, you can practice while studying. AIESEC provides internship opportunities in Canada. You can also contact the leading companies operating in the field you want to know your job opportunities. You can also consult Volunteer Canada if you want to participate in volunteer activities.

Opportunities for immigrants

Canada always appreciates the contributions of immigrants to the country. If you visit the CIC official website, you will find services for immigrants in your area. You can take courses in CV writing in the way that Canadian employers want. In addition, you will also be suggested where to start to start your career.

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