The problem that students often encounter when studying in the UK will be summarized below. Please refer to it later and draw lessons for yourself so that during your time living and studying in the UK, it will be interesting and memorable in life!

Culture shock

Every country in the world has different cultures. Vietnamese students are shocked by British culture because it is obvious that the East-West culture clearly has many differences from communication, dress up, eating to traveling.

Getting to know a new culture is not easy. Some students decide to live in a common cultural community so they don't have to worry about integrating with a new culture.

However, the majority of students studying in the UK said that only cultural shock in the early period gradually became familiar with people felt like the place even has the desire to permanently settle in the UK.

the difficulties which student have to face when study in the united kingdom

New learning method

Quality of education in the UK with many outstanding advantages and is recognized by the world. Compared to Vietnam, the teaching method here has many different points, so in the first time you will not avoid the embarrassment of getting used to it.

Besides, teaching in the school completely in English is also one of the major barriers in the process of receiving knowledge. Doing homework, essays also use English, teachers will lecture quite quickly, speaking quite quickly so studying abroad may not be able to keep up with the lecture, even in the first few sessions, you will have It feels like I didn't learn anything after class.

But don't worry too much, this drawback also becomes an advantage to create a standard English communication environment. You will quickly improve your foreign language skills and soon, you will hear English fluently as your mother tongue!


This is a problem that most students encounter when studying in the UK. Don't think that high IELTS scores will not have to worry about communication here. You can talk to friends, with teachers, ... in English very fluently. But when talking with native speakers, with different tone, culture, ... you will be embarrassed in the beginning. Because native speakers often use slang words, local words, if they don't pay attention, you don't understand what the other person says.

the difficulties which student have to face when study in the united kingdom


To relieve your homesickness, make friends with Vietnamese students in the UK or even make friends with native speakers to share the joys and sorrows of learning and daily life.

Moreover, almost all UK universities offer professional counseling services to help students overcome difficulties in life. For international students, it is very important to have the courage to seek help or confidently communicate your feelings with others. Students should therefore be aware that school staff are always ready to help.

Eating problems

The eating culture of the British is very different from the Vietnamese. If you are a person who doesn't like Western things, this is a problem worth considering. Even more easy to eat, there are times when you will feel bored and crave Vietnamese meal. If you rent your own house, you can cook for yourself and have a good meal.

the difficulties which student have to face when study in the united kingdom

Weather makes you uncomfortabl

The fall in the UK is quite pleasant only slightly cold so Vietnamese students will not be overwhelmed. But if you start in summer or winter, this will be a big problem. Summer in the UK is relatively hot even though it lasts only 2 months, while the winter is very cold with lots of rain and strong winds, even in many places there will be snow covered roads. Therefore, in winter, equip yourself with the necessary equipment to keep your health good.

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