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Canada is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes: sparkling lakes, snow-covered mountains and majestic national parks and wildlife systems.

Montreal is the most French-speaking city after Paris

Yes, not another French city but Montreal, Canada is the place where Moliere's many lovers and mastery of writing language are.

In fact, Canada has two national languages, English and French, with at least half of the population using both languages fluently. Therefore, international students studying in Canada can choose study programs in English, French, or bilingual.

the truth and strange things about canada

At Yukon, the temperature is low across the surface of Mars

Winter in Canada also costs ice and white snow as the rest of the northern hemisphere. The lowest recorded temperature in Canada was minus 63 degrees Celsius in Snag, Yukon on February 3, 1947.

Canada has the second largest land area in the world, and 90% is pristine forest

Only behind Russia, Canada has a surface area of 9.84 million square kilometers. It was followed by a neighbor of the United States with a figure close to 9,826 million square kilometers.

However, 90% of Canadian territory aims to preserve nature and remain uninhabited. If you compare Canada's area and population with the United States, you will see that the two countries are not very different, but Canada's population is only equivalent to California, USA and about 11% of the US population.

On average, you can see polar bears 60 times a day

the truth and strange things about canada

That is the statistics that residents in Churchill, Manitoba said. People here do not lock their car doors in case neighbors or someone pass by need to avoid encountering polar bears. Of the 25,000 polar bears, there are about 15,000 individuals living in northern Canada.

The longest coastline in the world

If you walk constantly along Canada's coastline of 202,080 km, it will take you about 4 and a half years!

If America has Lockness monster lake, Canada has Ogopogo monster lake

Some believe that there are aquatic monsters living in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. Ogopogo takes the form of a mythical giant sea snake and first appeared in 1926. People who see Ogopogo are still continuously recorded until today.

Post offices in Canada receive millions of letters to Santa every year

The post office staff was very creative and quick to answer these letters every Christmas and the letter will be delivered to his home address at "Santa Claus, Arctic, H0H 0H0"

Canada has more lakes than the number of lakes worldwide combined

Specifically about 3 million lakes if you include small lakes.

the truth and strange things about canada

Alberta is the first place to prepare for the appearance of UFOs

The first flying saucer, or the world's first UFO unidentified flying object, was built in St Paul, Alberta in 1967. On the landing platform, it says: "If we become astronauts, they ears must understand and be tolerant of creatures that are not like themselves ”.

Canada produces 70% of global maple leaf syrup

In 2014, the country exported 38.4 million tons of maple syrup, equivalent to the weight of 274 blue whales, and 60% of these syrups were exported to the United States.

It hosts the largest tulip festival in the world

Not the Netherlands! With over millions of tulips on display each year in Ottawa, the world's largest tulip festival is held every May to celebrate the friendship between the Netherlands and Cananda.

One of the happiest countries in the world

Canada has consistently ranked No. 7 in the two consecutive years 2017 and 2018 by World Happiness Report, and is the first country not in the European Union to make this list.

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